November 2, 2021

How to use your brand images to promote your business online

bot·​te·​ga | \ bōˈtāgə, bəˈ- \

: the studio or workshop of a major artist in which other artists may participate in the execution of the projects or commissions of the major artist

Crafting Brand Images + Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Communicate your Brand through Consistent Visuals + Messaging

bot·​te·​ga | \ bōˈtāgə, bəˈ- \

: the studio or workshop of a major artist in which other artists may participate in the execution of the projects or commissions of the major artist

Crafting Brand Images + Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Communicate your Brand through Consistent Visuals + Messaging

How to use your brand images to promote your business online

November 2, 2021

You just received your new collection of brand images…now what?  There’s so many ways to use your images in order to promote your business and elevate your brand’s visual presence on so many platforms.  Not only may your new images promote the product or service you are launching, but spreading all of your brand imagery across all of your marketing platforms will help create consistency, brand recognition and communicate your brand’s identity.

We’ve put together a list of just some of the many ways you can use your brand photography to promote your brand.  The possibilities are endless and this list is not comprehensive, nor does it take into account an individual brand’s marketing needs or who their ideal customer is.  We do offer Visual Brand Consulting services to our clients so that we can review all of your platforms and make sure you’re using your visuals consistently and clearly.  Another service you may benefit from is our custom social media/marketing templates where we take your brand images, graphics, color palette, logos & fonts and create graphic templates for you to customize.  These templates are designed for use in many different formats/aspect ratios including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube Cover Images, Email signatures, etc.  These templates can really enhance your feeds and create consistent visuals across all your platforms.  Contact us today to learn more.

And now let’s get into how you can use those fresh new images from your brand photography session:


One of your biggest sales tools and the online “home” of your business is your website, and you want it to clearly reflect your brand.  Many clients work with us to create new brand images specifically when they are launching a new website or going through a rebrand or re-launch.  Keeping these images fresh and consistent is key in attracting your ideal clients, as who that is may change over time.  You want to be sure you are keeping things current and that the images match your current branding/logo/color palette.

We can work with you to create the size, format and types of images needed for different sections of your site, always keeping in mind where the images will be used.  For example, websites need more horizontally formatted images due to the size of screens & layout of sites so we take that into account at your session.  Some images may need more blank space for text or graphic overlays so we make sure to ask all of these questions before your shoot so that you have the images and formats you need in the end.


Businesses going through a re-brand with new visual graphics, logos and color palettes often find it’s a great time to refresh their imagery.  Updated brand photos can be used not only to update or launch a new website, but also for promotional graphics, posts and advertisements that get people buzzing about your re-brand.  We can also custom-tailor images that you may need to promote any new services/products that you may be offering with the re-brand, as well as imagery that you can easily overlay with text.


We specialize in creating product imagery that shows your product being used in a real-life situation or with models.  Our stylists can also help create flat lays that feature your product alongside props that will tell a story and entice potential clients to buy.  These images can be used in your product listings in your e-commerce shop, as supplemental images on your website, on your social media, in email newsletters and other promotional advertisements for your products.


Blog posts are a great way to regularly update your readers and potential clients with information that can help them as well as promote your brand and offerings.  Imagery from your website and social media can be repurposed here to discuss various topics and reinforce your brand visuals with a consistent look.  We offer special brand photography subscription packages for bloggers and brands on a monthly, quarterly or bi-annual basis so that you can get fresh images that can be tailored to your blog post plan.  You can read more info on our subscription packages HERE.


Social media is so important in staying in front of your potential clients and followers, and the more you post the more you are seen so you want to be posting often.  Make sure you have a good collection of images so that you’ll never run out of anything to post.  While many clients use images across various marketing channels, we can also help you create a customized shoot centered around your specific social media schedule and/or topics.  Get seen and attract your ideal clients with a consistent set of beautiful images that speak to your brand.


Advertising online?  Whether it’s Instagram posts, Stories, Facebook Ads, Pinterest posts or other advertising, your brand images will help draw people to your brand and get them clicking over to your website.  We can create your images in a variety of formats for multiple platforms so that your ad creation process is simplified and you have all the image types you need.


For product based brands, it is so important to think about the unboxing of your product once it reaches your customers.  This is another way to utilize your brand images to create product inserts, brochures, thank you notes or stickers that use your brand images and reinforce your visuals.  When your brand visuals (images, logos, color palette, graphics) are consistent from start to finish on all of your marketing channels, it creates better brand recognition and communicates to your customers.


Using your brand imagery on printed mailers, brochures and promotional cards is another way to use your photos.  Running a special or promoting a new product?  Be sure to plan around your promotions and let us capture images specifically for these specials at your photo session.


Create your own organic pins on Pinterest using images from your brand session.  Pinterest is such a great marketing tool for attracting followers and drawing people to your brand because their search tools are pretty powerful.  You can repurpose Instagram Post topics or take snippets of Blog Posts and create an organic pin with text & graphics that will link to those posts or to a page on your website.  It’s a great way to get brand recognition across multiple platforms.

There are so many other ways to use your brand photos too, but we hope these give you some ideas of where you can use your images to elevate your brand.  The key takeaway is that you want to create consistency across all of your marketing platforms and social channels so that clients recognize your brand.  The Brand Bottega can help you create that consistency by planning your shoot and coming up with concepts that will speak to your ideal client and coordinate with your marketing plan.  In the end you receive a consistent collection of images that you can pull from so that you’re never without the right images for your channels.

To learn more about our Brand Photography Packages and our Subscription Packages please visit our website.  We can’t wait to create your collection of images!

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