February 3, 2022

How to prepare for your brand photography shoot

bot·​te·​ga | \ bōˈtāgə, bəˈ- \

: the studio or workshop of a major artist in which other artists may participate in the execution of the projects or commissions of the major artist

Crafting Brand Images + Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Communicate your Brand through Consistent Visuals + Messaging

bot·​te·​ga | \ bōˈtāgə, bəˈ- \

: the studio or workshop of a major artist in which other artists may participate in the execution of the projects or commissions of the major artist

Crafting Brand Images + Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Communicate your Brand through Consistent Visuals + Messaging

How to prepare for your brand photography shoot

February 3, 2022

One of the biggest misconception about brand shoots is that clients think they can just show up and amazing images just “happen”.  In reality, it takes a lot of effort and planning to execute and deliver amazing images that truly reflect you and your brand.  Our process involves diving deep into each client’s brand, a questionnaire, mood board, shot list and evaluating your goals and marketing initiatives so that we can create a comprehensive shoot plan.  This plan lets clients see that we understand them, creates trust and gives them a vision of what their collection of brand images will look like.

While we leave no detail untouched, we also rely on our clients to do their own preparation in order to be ready for their shoot and ensure that everything coordinates with our shoot plan.  Below we are sharing 7 ways you can help prepare for your Brand Photography Shoot.



Openly collaborating on your shoot plan is essential to creating images that really capture your brand’s aesthetic and persona.  We also rely on our clients to know who their ideal clients are, what their goals are as well as have a marketing plan.  We then take all of this and combine it to propose ideas for different types of images along with location ideas, wardrobe and props.  At this point is where we also bring in a stylist to help us concept and source props – a stylist is very necessary for all product shoots, but can also be helpful in setting up a mock space if you don’t have one of your own.

From there, we create your shoot plan, mood board and shot list which will all serve as reference to move to the next step of the planning process as well as ensure we are always making decisions based on a main theme/aesthetic/idea.


For brands that don’t have their own office / space / shop, we often must find a location that reflects the brand’s style and will communicate who they are.  From photo studios to hotels, office spaces and public spaces, often permission is required to shoot there and/or a permit & fee.  We will work with our clients to make recommendations for the best spaces.  Depending upon our package/quote we can include space rental or our clients can also secure a space.  It is imperative that we coordinate with locations before the shoot and obtain permission and have a valid permit, otherwise you risk losing time or not having a space to shoot in.


We always try to have a backup plan for our clients with multiple indoor & outdoor locations.  There may be some shoots that must happen outdoors, or need to have sun for the visual aesthetic desired and in that case we may sometimes need to move the shoot to a better weather day.  We diligently follow the weather forecast leading up to each shoot so that we know what is coming and can adjust accordingly.


If your shoot includes a team of people it’s always imperative to coordinate with everyone on timing, locations, expectations and what the plan is.  If everyone is being photographed as a team, you’ll also want to coordinate on wardrobe.  Most of my clients don’t have uniforms on the job, so we want everyone to wear their own clothes and be coordinating but not matching with each other.  The above team is a good example that chose a black, white & grey color palette but mixed up different color tops, bottoms, skirts and pants, some with jackets and a few with very subtle patterns.  They coordinate and look like a team, but they don’t all have on the same color/type of tops and bottoms.  You will also want to think about if your team needs hair, makeup, matching nails, etc. for their portraits – again the smallest details matter so much.


To expand further on wardrobe and why it’s so important, we work with our clients to know what their brand colors are so that we can help suggest the best color palette for their wardrobe.  We always recommend that clients select a handful of different looks and try them on prior to the shoot with shoes, jewelry and accessories, making sure they are happy with it.  This allows us to maximize the time at the shoot with creating photos, and not making big game-time decisions on wardrobe that are not fully thought out.  We do recommend that our clients have their hair & makeup professionally done so that they are happy with how they look.  You’ve spent a lot of time & preparation on the shoot and want to be sure you are comfortable with how you look.


Clients overlook the importance of being in a clear and calm mental space to have their photo taken.  We know it can be uncomfortable to be in front of the camera, but we want you to look professional and calm in your photos.  Forget about the person that cut you off in traffic on the way to your shoot.  Pretend like you’re going to meet actual clients and are in the right mood and headspace, because these images will be the first time that clients see you on your website or social media.  You want to present a mood and expression that reflects your personality and your brand, so that you attract the right clients.  Plus, when you see the final images you want to see all of that coming through and be confident that you put your best self in front of the camera.


As discussed above, location plays a key role in making your brand photography shoot a success and one that fully reflects your brand.  If we are shooting in your space, office, shop or studio, we encourage you to make sure your space is fully prepped.  This may include cleaning, arranging or re-arranging, bringing in furniture and decor just for the shoot, prepping products, stocking shelves, sourcing and arranging props and more.  We complete a full walk-through of your space prior to your shoot in order to plan and make arrangements for anything that needs to be added, moved or removed in order to capture the types of images in our shoot plan.  For product shoots, we do bring on a stylist to help source props, furniture and decor in order to enhance your shoot and take your images to the next level.  This allows our clients to focus on preparing their products and themselves for the shoot while our experienced team takes care of sourcing, styling, arranging and clean up.

For clients who offer services and may not necessarily have a space or office, we can help you find a space to serve as a backdrop for your shoot – be it indoors or outdoors.  Many rental spaces & studios include furniture, however we can also offer our stylist’s services to obtain furniture, decor and props.

We hope this post has helped you understand some of the behind the scenes tasks that can really help make your brand shoot a success.  If you have any questions or would like to receive more information on our services or photography packages CLICK HERE to contact us or email us at hello@thebrandbottega.com

Melissa Schollaert

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