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We are a collaborative of multidisciplinary creatives working together to tell your brand’s unique story through the art of visual storytelling.

We believe that a strong brand goes beyond being beautiful, that brand images do more than show a pretty picture, and that your brand story is always worth telling.

Learn more about our team and our unique approach to curating visuals that will elevate your brand.

With a robust history of telling beautiful stories through photography, our expertise has always been rooted in translating the unspoken word into rich imagery. We photograph products, people, and places, creating visual moments beyond what the camera can see. We take pride in being collaborative yet commanding, letting our expertise and experience guide you through everything from our brainstorming sessions to feeling comfortable on set.

Our collaborative approach involves bringing on talented and specialized experts as needed, each bringing with them the ability to hone in on a specific piece of telling your brand story.

We see beyond pretty, focusing on your brand’s messaging, values, color palette, and aesthetic details to bring your brand’s story to life in a cohesive and complete way that no one else can.

Our Expertise

I’ve always been drawn to telling stories through images. As a passionate artist inspired by the true lure of wanderlust, I am forever seeking new lands and yearning to unearth new stories.

My background in interior design and architecture has influenced my brand photography work through an acute attention to detail and an intricate eye for spatial composition, texture, and light. While my training allows me to see shapes and shadows, my heart allows me to see beautiful moments of a story unfolding before me, and I’m eager to capture them all.

As a designer, I learned to dig deep to understand how a client might use their space, and more so how they want to feel in their space. As a photographer I’ve learned to apply those same techniques to understand how to connect the imagery we create to your biggest goals and dreams for your company. I design spaces and stories, merging the selection of spaces, furnishings, and details to create imagery unique to your brand. 

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Melissa Schollaert

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Meet Melissa

Ever at home on the road, I have an insatiable wanderlust that has led me on many adventures in both my career and personal life. These adventures almost always include a camera, plane tickets and journeying to unseen worlds. I am inspired by new places and always feel more creative out of my comfort zone. Incorporating the environment around you into my images create a sense of place and allow your clients to imagine themselves there.

Our work has been published in national & worldwide publications such as Conde Nast, Food & Wine Magazine, Southern Living Magazine and Martha Stewart as well as various online publications.

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The Brand Bottega is an intersection of contrasting values, old and new, timeless and modern. The overlapping circles represent the convergence of these ideas, and the dot in the middle represents the brand’s position - perfectly in the middle.



We are fully committed to creating authentic visuals unique to each of our clients. But this process also requires your participation and your vulnerability, to open up and share your story so that what we create fully reflects your brand and who you are.



You are not ready to take a deep look at your brand, identify your ideal client or strategize a marketing plan.

You are not ready to show yourself as the heart of your business in headshots, brand photos, and website copy.

You don’t have time to be fully committed and engaged in this process.

You’re unable to work with email as the primary method of communication.

Not a good fit if...

You are ready to tell your brand story consistently through curated and cultivated brand images.

You understand that you are a critical component to this process, and that this is a partnership of efforts.

You have the time, mental space, and organization skills to work efficiently together.

You are prepared to communicate what your brand is about and share your authenticity/be visible in front of the camera (so that the images truly reflect YOU).

We are a good match if...

We work best with brands who are serious about their commitment to their story and who understand the key role beautiful visual consistency plays in their marketing efforts. Our portfolio of clients ranges from artists, to realtors, to hotels, to product-based brands, and more. 

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If you're in the process of starting your business, dreaming of a rebrand or a brand refresh, pivoting to offer new services, or growing into the future, we are here to help you build your brand online so that you can attract and retain your ideal clients. 


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