A deep dive into your brand’s current website and social channels to create a consistent and curated visual strategy that ties directly into your marketing goals.



Our Brand Consulting packages offer the ability to look at your online presence through a completely clear, unbiased lens, allowing you to then focus on creating content that clearly aligns with your marketing and sales goals. We’ll look at what channels you’re already using, which ones are serving or aren’t serving you well, areas of opportunity you may be missing out on, and how this all ties together with your brand identity and visuals.

Your brand’s online presence should flow like your favorite book, with each site or channel acting as a chapter of your brand story. Each piece - your website, Instagram, Facebook, your blog -all serve their own individual objective while working harmoniously together. While it’s important that each channel has its own content plan and purpose, it’s more important that it’s incredibly clear at first glance that they are all working together, and that they all fall under the same brand.

If you ever find yourself looking at your brand - your website, your imagery, your social media - and you feel that it doesn’t communicate your brand story or your marketing strategy, a brand consulting session can help. We’ll help you turn your online presence into something that works hard for you, instead of you always working hard on it.

It’s time to focus on having an online presence that’s more than just pretty. Together we’ll ensure that all of your visuals - from your logo design to your imagery to your website and social media, even down to your email signature - truly reflect your brand and deliver the messaging you want your clients to hear. With several options available, our Brand Consulting packages offer you one-on-one consulting time that can be as in-depth as you need them to be. We’ll review your marketing plan, your social strategy, and your short and long term business goals to identify what aspects of your brand are already working for you, and which ones could work harder for you, so that your online presence ties all of the pieces together and attracts, and keeps, your ideal clients.

We Believe in

Telling Great Stories

An all-inclusive package for brands that are just starting, are in the process or rebranding or pivoting to launch new products & services.


-1 Hour Kickoff Call
·For Existing Brand:  Web / Social / Image Audit
·For New Brand: Brand Questionnaire
·Bi-Weekly Consult Calls for 3 months (2hrs each)
·Full Day Brand Photography Session
·Workbook for Website Outline/Content
·Custom Website Development
·Everything in Web Package 2
·Custom Social Media + Launch Graphics

Payment plans available
Copy + Logo not included
ShowIt Monthly Subscription Required

Timeline: 3-4 Months

Consulting Package Three

The Brand (Re)BUILD

A true partnership and collaborative effort as we spend up to 8 hours together working on your brand.


·1 Hour Kickoff Call (prior to work session day)
Work Session Options - up to 8 Hours:
·For Existing Brand - Web / Social / Image Audit
·For New Brand - Brand Questionnaire
·Image / Portfolio Review
·New Website Setup / Start Design Layout
·Start customizing Showit Website Template
·Showit Software Training
·Social Media / Blog Planning / Email Marketing Setup
·Create Custom Social Media + Launch Graphics

Payment plans available
Copy + Logo not included
ShowIt Monthly Subscription Required

Timeline: 1 Full Day + 1 Hour Prep Call

Consulting Package Two

Full Day Brand Worksession


Consulting Package One

We will review your imagery & visuals on your website, social media and all of your marketing channels and create a report detailing what you can do to elevate your visuals.


·Review current website + blog
·Review Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest
·Review current imagery & content
·Review brand assets
·1 hour kickoff call
·1 hour call to review final report
·Comprehensive PDF including review notes, suggestions and audit

Timeline: 2-3 weeks

Brand Consulting

Our Packages

Perfect for anyone launching a new brand or refreshing their current brand. We offer a bundled package that encompasses everything you need to launch and market a fresh brand. Our discovery process begins with brand consulting to help strategize, identify & develop the visuals for your brand. We then begin planning & creating brand imagery, and as a final step will design and develop your website in preparation for your launch or relaunch. Contact us to learn more and schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your brand needs.

What you get: A powerhouse trio of brand consulting, brand photography, and website design and development.

all-inclusive packages


Are you someone who plans ahead and feels at ease when they know everything is in place? This package offers the delivery of regularly updated content throughout the year to refresh your website and social media, and to create everything from new blog posts to email or print marketing & newsletters. Discounted packages are available for shoots booked on a bi-annual, quarterly or monthly basis. Click below to receive more information and pricing for this best-selling package.

What you get: A package of brand photo shoots to create updated brand content on the schedule you need.

subscription packages


Seth Godin

"A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another." 

Whether you're in the process of starting your business, dreaming of a rebrand or a brand refresh, pivoting to offer new services, or growing into the future, we are here to help you build your brand online so that you can attract and retain your ideal clients. Click here to schedule your complimentary consultation to get started.